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Children taking part in Future Creatives Careers Week

Creative careers take centre stage at new initiative for young people

Sally Perry
5, March 2024

During February 2024, the Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership shone a spotlight on the diverse landscape of creative careers through the first-ever Future Creatives Careers Week, engaging more than 900 young Islanders in a groundbreaking exploration of the arts and creative industries.

The event unfolded over 17 diverse happenings, offering 33 sessions that provided a window into the lives and work of creative professionals both from our Island and beyond.

A multitude of paths available
Aimed at broadening horizons and sparking ambition, this initiative offered students from primary to post-16 levels, including those in home education, a firsthand look at the multitude of paths available in the creative sector.

From performance arts to fashion, architecture, and film, participants had the opportunity to meet and learn from more than 25 creative organizations and professionals. These sessions, made possible through the support of Solent Partners, Artswork, and Arts Council England, were offered at no cost, ensuring every young person had the chance to be inspired.

Spreading our wings further
Looking ahead, we’re excited to expand Future Creatives Careers Week to reach even more schools and colleges across the Isle of Wight in 2025.

As part of Creative Island, the Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership is committed to nurturing the next generation of creatives and invite educators to get in touch to explore how we can bring this vibrant opportunity to your students.

Bringing creativity to the classroom
This event isn’t just about discovering careers; it’s about connecting our young people with the vast opportunities in the creative world right at their doorstep.

If you’re interested in bringing a spark of creativity to your educational setting, reach out to the Cultural Education Partnership.

Let’s work together to empower our Island’s future creatives.

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