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Sue Paraskeva with her installation, Two Thousand

‘Two Thousand’ installation arrives at Mountbatten’s Hospice Chapel

Sally Perry
12, June 2024

Something special has made its way to The Chapel at Mountbatten’s Hospice in Newport.

‘Two Thousand’ is a hanging installation consisting of 2,000 pierced and hand-rolled porcelain discs.

Crafting the memorial
Isle of Wight potter, Sue Paraskeva, spent four months crafting these individual porcelain discs, before they were installed in The Mountbatten Chapel in April 2024.

Each disc serves as a memorial, referencing the average annual death rates on the Isle of Wight.

It is not only the number of discs that is symbolic, but also the weight. Each unfired clay disc weighs approximately 21 grams. Some believe that 21 grams is the ‘weight of the soul’.

A tribute to lives passed
Sue Paraskeva made this piece to honour and remember all who have passed, undertaking the project at cost price, thanks to an anonymous donation.

This installation serves as a poignant and thoughtful tribute, and the sheer number of discs, each meticulously crafted, offers a visual representation of loss and remembrance.

Reflection and remembrance
The Chapel at Mountbatten’s Hospice provides a serene and contemplative space for this installation.

Visitors can reflect on the lives represented by each porcelain disc. The tinkling sound created by the discs when someone walks past is delightful and meditative.

‘Two Thousand’ encourages the community to acknowledge and remember those who have passed. This installation not only honours individuals, but also fosters a collective memory.

Art and compassion
Sue Paraskeva’s work demonstrates the intersection of art and compassion. By creating this piece, she brings a sense of solace and reflection to Mountbatten’s Hospice.

‘Two Thousand’ stands as a powerful reminder of the lives that have touched the Isle of Wight, beautifully captured in delicate porcelain.

All are welcome to visit the Hospice and see the installation in situ.

See Sue Paraskeva’s website for more information about her work.

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