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Artists unite to revive Isle of Wight Open Studios: New dates announced

Staff Writer
7, March 2024

The Isle of Wight’s artistic tapestry is set to be showcased once more, as the IW Open Studios makes a triumphant return in 2024.

This event, steeped in a rich history of fostering community and creativity, opens doors — quite literally — to the vibrant studios of local artists, inviting both residents and visitors to embark on a journey of artistic discovery.

A resilient legacy
Spanning nearly two decades, the IW Open Studios has been a cornerstone of cultural exploration on the Island, allowing the public a rare glimpse into the creative processes of artists.

2024 heralds a new era for IW Open Studios, with a collective of artists forming an action team dedicated to reviving the Island-wide event.

This initiative shines a light on the Island’s unique artistic community, attracting both local and regional audiences. In a move that promises a fresh visual identity and enhanced accessibility, a new website and branding are in the works, ensuring that artists and art enthusiasts alike have a platform to connect and celebrate creativity.

An invitation to create and participate
The event’s resurgence is a call to arms for artists and creators, inviting them to be part of a reimagined tradition.

With the new dates set from Friday, 23rd August to Sunday, 8th September 2024, artists are encouraged to select times to welcome visitors into their creative sanctuaries.

This year, a more coordinated approach will see artists grouped into five clusters across the Island, fostering a sense of community and enabling participants to also experience the studios of their fellow creatives.

A vision for the future
The formation of a new Community Interest Company (CIC) to steer IW Open Studios into the future highlights the collective commitment to not only preserve, but enrich this cultural event.

It’s not just about the continuation of a tradition; it’s about building a sustainable and vibrant future for The Arts on the Isle of Wight.

Through this collaborative effort, the IW Creative Network and the newly formed action team aim to ensure the event’s growth and success for years to come.

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