Creative Island Ident (Teal)
The Cultural Development Agency for the Isle of Wight
Young individuals outdoors, with a girl adjusting a camera on a tripod, another wearing headphones, and two boys observing. They are in a green field, with trees and a hedge in the background.

Creative Biosphere Project Delivers Results

Georgia Newman
21, January 2023

The year long ‘Creative Biosphere’ project is coming to its conclusion. Over the course of 2022, 5 secondary schools and 5 artists worked alongside local arts organisations to explore what it means to live in a Biosphere.

The project has resulted in many interesting and thought-provoking outcomes, flag designs, sculptures, puppets, trails, carnival costumes, banners, and documentary films. You can check out an exhibition showcasing highlights of this exciting project until the 4th of February at Quay Arts. Please go and have a look!

This project was led by the IW AONB, and funded by Arts Council England and Interreg, European Development fund.

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