Creative Island Ident (Teal)
The Cultural Development Agency for the Isle of Wight
People sitting in the Newport Minster for Creative Newport's first meeting June 2024

Creative Newport

At Creative Island, we are dedicated to fostering local dialogues within the cultural communities across the Isle of Wight. A couple of weeks ago, we had our first gathering at Newport Minster, where over 20 enthusiastic individuals came together to discuss and enhance the quality of life in Newport, the Island’s central hub.

Despite concerns of fragmentation and neglect in Newport, the meeting highlighted a strong collective commitment to celebrating the town’s unique assets, including three theatres, the newly renovated Minster, Quay Arts—a vibrant centre for exhibitions, theatre shows, and live music— museums, the Lord Louis Library, and Strings, a beloved music venue and safe space for young people.

This gathering marks the beginning of what promises to be a series of meaningful conversations aimed at revitalising Newport’s cultural landscape for businesses and visitors alike. Stay tuned for more information regarding dates for future conversations.

Special thank you to the team at Newport Minster for hosting us.