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Future Works: The new initiative fuelling youth creativity on the Isle of Wight

Staff Writer
21, March 2024

Ever dreamt of starting a band, but couldn’t find a drummer? Or perhaps you’re itching to write a play, but lack a cast? Maybe you’re eager to film a showreel, but don’t know a filmmaker? Future Works is here to bridge those gaps and ignite collaborations.

Future Works, a dynamic initiative brought to you by Brave Island, Platform One, and IW Creative Network, offers a vibrant platform for 16-30 year-olds to mingle, network, and kickstart their creative journeys.

Wondering how to break into the scene, seeking feedback on your latest project, or just eager to expand your social circle? Look no further than Future Works.

Join us for an evening filled with inspiring discussions, as we host esteemed guests from various creative domains. Whether you’re set on a career path or simply exploring possibilities, this event is all about forging connections.

When and Where
Mark your calendars for Thursday, 4th April and head over to Strings Bar and Venue, located at 9 Bowling Green Lane, Newport.

This month’s lineup of speakers includes:

  • Adrienne Wroath: A self-taught jewellery designer and maker, celebrating a decade of excellence at ‘Adrienne Wroath Jewellery’. From bespoke pieces to jewellery repairs, there’s a reason why Adrienne has a loyal customer base.
  • Sean Turner: Renowned designer and art director, lending his creative flair to theatre, film, and festivals worldwide. With a portfolio boasting projects like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Ghostbusters, The Gates of Gozer’.
  • Kim Purton: General Manager of CutLaserCut, a leading London design manufacturer, and the brains behind KReative Studios. Kim’s passion lies in nurturing artists’ visions into reality.

Book now
Join us for an evening of creativity, inspiration, and limitless possibilities. Secure your free ticket today.

As Adrienne reflects on her journey, celebrating more than 15 years of creativity, she shares,

“Being a creative person with ADHD, this path I’ve forged for myself was the right one to choose, I love my work.”

Meanwhile, Sean‘s innovative designs have graced stages and screens worldwide, with projects like ‘The Planets’ and the upcoming immersive experience, Dopamine Land, set to dazzle audiences.

Kim, at the helm of CutLaserCut and KReative Studios, finds joy in collaborating with artists, shaping their ideas into tangible masterpieces.

Don’t miss out on this enriching opportunity to connect, collaborate, and create at Future Works.

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