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Isle of Wight Theatre Network

Gavin Stride
27, October 2023

Early in October, perhaps for the first time, many of the Island’s theatre companies came together for a meeting at the Apollo Theatre in Newport to start a conversation about their work and ambitions.

Twelve companies turned up and, over the course of two hours, what began to emerge was the idea of an Island theatre community which might allow for greater collaboration, sharing of knowledge, skills development and mutual support.

We began to identify common observations, that audiences will travel from all parts of the Island, that there is limited access to rehearsal space, skills gaps around touring models, connections to mainland venues.

Independent Theatre Council
The underlying thread of the conversation was around how to develop sustainable careers as professional theatre makers.

As part of this work Creative Island has negotiated a hub membership for the Island with the Independent Theatre Council – the arts management network for over 400 companies across the UK – so that every Island-based company can benefit from their expertise.

Join the conversation
We have agreed to continue to meet – our next meeting will be on 23rd January 2024 with the Theatre Officer for Arts Council England joining to both listen and update companies on current developments.

If you are interested in joining the conversation please get in touch with Georgia at

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