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People's Palace of Possibilities event - people in the dome as part of the street party

The People’s Palace of Possibilities: Utopian scheming and rageful dreaming

Sally Perry
1, May 2024

A unique interactive installation, The People’s Palace of Possibility, is set to engage Islanders for three weeks starting from Friday, 3rd May.

The event seeks to explore how we can harness energy and hope for the future amid prevalent feelings of fear and anger.

Engaging Experiences in a Multi-Coloured Dome
Hosted at Ingram’s Yard in Ventnor, The People’s Palace of Possibility (PPoP) invites visitors inside its vibrant, geodesic dome.

Here, you can enjoy a range of activities over the three weeks, including gigs, community meals, workshops and performances.

Restoration of Ingram’s Yard
Ingram’s Yard, a former builders’ yard, is undergoing a transformation. Ventnor Exchange is spearheading efforts to refurbish this historic building to establish a new creative and community hub in the heart of Ventnor.

Interactive arts on tour
The initiative is a touring project spearheaded by Sheffield-based theatre and interactive arts group, The Bare Project.

PPoP have planned an array of activities, such as a daily live broadcast radio station, video and sound installations, and even a miniature building site where visitors can model their visions for the future of Ingram’s Yard.

Local collaboration and national impact
Having travelled the UK, from the Scottish Highlands to central London, the project has amassed a rich collection of ideas, artefacts, and audio recordings.

In Ventnor, the installation has been co-curated by local artists Tracy Mikich and Teresa Grimaldi, integrating community insights into the exhibit.

A calendar of events
From 3rd to 19th May, The Palace will host an array of activities including live performances by Paul Armfield and Jess Ong, discussions with local councillors Sarah Redrup and Julie Jones-Evans, as well as wild food workshops and markets.

The themes will range from self-sufficiency to the future implications of artificial intelligence.

Community feasts and future dreams
Food plays a central role in The People’s Palace of Possibility, with a unique community feast every Friday night.

These gatherings not only offer a taste of the mysterious origins of The Palace but also provide an opportunity to celebrate visions of the future that have yet to be realised.

Archiving political sentiments
Malaika Cunningham, Artistic Director of The Bare Project, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Ventnor Exchange and the local community.

“We’re excited to be working with Ventnor Exchange and the local community of Ventnor to use The Palace as a way to dream of what future activities and events could take place in a newly refurbished Ingram’s Yard and how they could best serve the local community.

“Through the People’s Palace of Possibility, we’re also building an archive of people’s political feelings right now, and how they would enact change. The Palace’s audio archive already includes many hundreds of voices and will be thousands of voices strong by the end – it’s a really exciting opportunity to make sure what you have to say is there to be heard long after the event is over. We can’t wait to see what Ventnor has to say.”

See Ventnor Exchange’s website for the full programme of events.

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