Creative Island Ident (Teal)
The Cultural Development Agency for the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership

Workshop at Island Free School for Lift the Lid Project

The IWCEP is an ever growing group of inspiring organisations and individuals, working together with Island educators to nurture cultural and creative education for all young people on the Isle of Wight

IW Creative Network

IW Creative Network launch event at Boojum & Snark, Sandown, IW, 2022

The IW Creative Network supports Artists and Creatives on the Isle of Wight

Creative Ryde

Ryde, Gateway to the Island painting showing Union Street with lots of Ryde characters in the scene by Nick Martin

One element of the work we are doing at Creative Island, is to commit to convening a series of local conversations with the cultural community of each town on the Isle of Wight. The ambition is to speak about and listen to the particular challenges and opportunities that we all face, to explore collaborative opportunities, […]

IW Theatre Network

Members of the IW Theatre Network at first meeting

In October 2023, Creative Island convened a meeting at the Apollo Theatre in Newport with many of the Island’s theatre companies to start a conversation about their work and ambitions.  What emerged was this idea of an Island theatre community which might allow for greater collaboration, sharing of knowledge, skills development, and mutual support. We began […]

It’s Your Museum Project

Martin Woodward in a vintage diving helmet

Five Isle of Wight museums were identified to work with a Community Engagement Project Manager to support them to deliver the It’s Your Museum project. This project will enable each museum to better connect with their local communities and enable more people to engage with heritage. Each of the organisations recognise the role museums play […]

Supporting Young Minds

SYM Newport Youth Panel at bus station mural credit Independent Arts.jpg

The Supporting Young Minds project challenged young people, aged 12-18, to create ‘place-changing’ public artworks that connected with other young people, as well as the wider community, encouraging them to get outside, be more physically active and engage with the Isle of Wight Biosphere.  The project was an important opportunity for the culture and youth […]

Creative Biosphere

Cowes-Enterprise pupils drawing on glass for World Oceans Day, as part of the Creative Biosphere Project

The Creative Biosphere project was initiated by the IW Cultural Education Partnership with the Island’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team. Five inspirational local artists worked with young people from five Island schools and five cultural organisations on creative projects, developing skills and raising awareness of the Isle of Wight as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. […]

Lift the Lid on Island Culture

The Ventnor Giant Mural on side of a building by Phlegm

Coinciding with the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018 and the Year of the Biosphere in 2019, Lift the Lid (LTL) aimed to reignite a sense of pride and passion in cultural heritage on the Isle of Wight. This was achieved through a commissioning programme resulting in offsite artworks in four areas across the Isle of […]

Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes

The Hidden Heroes Travelling Museum

The Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes campaign was designed to re-introduce residents to the incredible collection of Museums and Galleries on the Isle of Wight and strengthen a sense of pride in the place we live. The project shined a light on those who have achieved remarkable things whilst on the Isle of Wight, from […]